Brain Gut Riverside Noise Assault

In this episode of 360MEN: 'Worth Thinking About' Daniel Comp shares some insights on Riverside noise pollution and assault. We meet Master Pipe Organ Builder Frans Bosman and visit his sound therapy studio in Mosier, Oregon to get a couple insights on possible causes of being slow to heal and hard of hearing in Riverside. For as long as humans have walked most of the world was quite. That has changed dramatically in Riverside in just a 5 decades. Noise is everywhere in Riverside. Transportation, entertainment, machinery, devices, they all have us in common, and they all make a lot of noise. Sound can pass right through us. When it's loud enough you can not only feel it, it damages our biome. Blast shock waves can kill our brain neurons, and so too can loud common noises shut down our thinking and intuition. Riverside coffee shops, grocery stores and office/work environments polute noise without much alarm or awareness. By feeding your